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Thread: Firewire question for Canon XM2 ???

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    Default Firewire question for Canon XM2 ???

    Hello everyone, I just got a Canon XM2, but it didnt come with a firewire. My question is which one do I get, any ideas? I keep reading about 4 pin to 6 pin, or 4 pin to usb or 6 pin to 6 pin... its just very confusing. From what I could read my camera has a 4 pin connection, is that correct? I am unsure as to what connection I need for my computer. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thank yo so much for your help!

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    If you have a desk top PC, then it's likely the firewire port will be six pin. For a laptop it's likely to be a four pin. Put simply, if the firewire port on you PC is the same size as that on the cam, then you need a 4 pin to 4 pin. If the PC port is bigger, you need a 4 pin to 6 pin cable.

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    The Canon XM2 has a 4-pin socket.

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    Depending on your usage, what I would also suggest is that you get a cheap CHEAP SD camera to act as your capture deck. It will save the wear and tear on the XM2.

    Up to you.


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