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    i have a Canon XM1 perfect condition, with an extra battery, all the cables, charger, remote control, a Billingham bag( not in the best condidtion.... but it is Billingham) i was wondering how much can i ask for everything?

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    There is currently one on ebay with two bids and 3 days left. The current price is 200. I wouldn't expect that to end at much more than 300, but wait and see and you'll get guide price.

    Canon XM1 Mini DV Camcorder on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 10-Sep-08 14:00:00 BST)

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    i have 2 canon xm1's both i got for around 600 from ebay recently . they go up to 800 max but with alot of extra's. you should get at least 550 for yours.

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