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    Having recently joined this excellent forum I have learned alot, and value the wealth of resources that is availed to me in the event I need questions answered re editing video. I noted with interest that I see that fellow forum viewers will post a question as to how to create this and that effect and usually include a video as an example. My question is since I have grasped the abilities to shoot, capture and edit and then burn my videos, is there a text that someone can recommend that show how to create such video effects. I am using APPro 1.5 and also APE 4.0. I am not looking for and easy out as to how to create effects as I will do trial and error , but i need at least how to get to the trial aspect of adding the multitude of effects. Any feedback to this matter and your replies are greatly appreciated.

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    Whet specific effects are you after creating?

    If by APE 4 you mean Premiere Elements then lose it. Premiere Pro is what you should use if you have it. Theyt are both video editors from the same company wiht 'Elements' being the cut down version.

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