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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member to the forum and I've just posted a couple of videos that I've dug up from a few years back. We've just started working on a new project with a slightly more serious theme, but these are the only examples of our work so far.

    Please feel free to comment on the videos. I know the sound and video quality is off, but I'm really after feedback on the content.

    Spook The Nation is a parody of Most Haunted Live. If you've ever seen the show, you'll know what's to parody! If you haven't, then this should be quite intresting At least thatís how it started. The entire thing is improvised 100%. The only thing scripted is the ending, which shows a common theme throughout the series. I say series lightly as we only ever made 3.

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    Hmmm, well, that was a miss for me but contained some stuff that was way better than the whole.

    First what ruined it for me. The camera work. Was some of it phone cameras? The framing was rubbish and the movement really made it unwatchable.

    Editing - get the sound synched with the action - it often wasnt. Forget those mtv cutways unless you cab do them well.

    Now the good.

    The 2 anchor guys were very good, esp as it was improv. If it wasnt for thier performnce i would have givein up.

    Improv humour often gets going an then falls flat - this did - the 2 guys are good and the whole idea is a goer but it is just about impossible to pull of complex comedy gas without a script and 47 rewrites. I am sure there is better to come with more effort and some decent camera work.

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    its ashame as this video has some great bones, but the camera work killed it.

    you had two guys who can really talk to camera and what looks like three guys on cameras who have exactly the same lack of camera composition knowledge, which in a way is totally amazing.

    great use of build up, just like whats done on so many TV shows, so there is some real potiental here if you get the cameras worked out.

    on a video like this someone has to be really calling the shots, controlling the crew and checking exactly whats being shot on the day..(or night) that person is called a director.

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