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Thread: Looking for a video business partner

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    I am based in South Wales, UK and would be interested to hear from anyone wishing to partner up and start a production company that specialises in promotional video advertising for the web and weddings. I think having at least two camera people on a shoot and also someone else to collaborate with would be better for business.

    I am willing to travel across the UK and abroad if the work comes in.

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    Hi Charlie,
    I'm based in London and have many years of video production as a freelance camerman and editor. I'm looking to expand my business too and at the moment I'm thinking that to get into some sort of partnership would be the best way forward.
    I have a few clients that keep me busy most of the time, but I can't do all the potential work myself.
    Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. I'm not really interested in wedding videos, though it could be part of a business.
    My email is

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    I'd be interested in working with either/both of you.
    I'll shoot anything, i've shot a variety of different things such as plays, studio work, christenings and weddings (10 in the last 14 weeks).

    My kit,,,EX1, Sennheiser radio mics and gun, steadycam with vest and arm, other bits and bobs. Laptop for mobile editing.

    I'm based in Bristol and can travel anywhere.
    I also have public liability insurance.

    Feel free to contact me on


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    I am also looking for someone to shoot weddings with.

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    Do you have your own weddings lined up that you need another camera operator on or do you want to go along on someone elses shoot ?


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    Someone elses shoot until things get going for me.

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    As pkb will confirm - offer me 25 quid cash in hand per 60 mins of hell and I can be bullied onto s cam - cant be doing with all that peoplie nice stuff clint gladhanding tho - just second cam for me.

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    You'd get used to it and its better than working on a construction site, believe me.

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