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Thread: experience with wedding fairs

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    I'm booking my first wedding fair this month. I don't have much material to market but I have to jump in and get started.

    I will print some glossy leaflets.

    Anyone able to offer some tips on how to win over customers?

    Generally smile, laugh and show interest in their wedding plans before they ask about your approach?

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    Repeat run some good clips on a flat screen with a hijack track - Illustrated DVD cases - Pull up banners which can be had for under 100 are also great promo.

    Comfy shoes and some totty always helps too

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    You're welcome!

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    Thank you.

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    We get a lot of work from wedding fairs especially those organised by hotels/hospices/newspapers - we avoid the commercial ones which only get numbers not quality.

    We have two identical 26in monitors with built in DVD players mounted on a single Unicol column stand. We run a two minute repeating "ad" on one and a repeating six-wedding sampler on the other. Sound from the ad is on but only low volume. Let the pianists/sax players and DJ's upset the audience with too much noise.

    Roll up banner is a good idea because it adds height to your display but we've not found a decent one under 150.

    We think it's unrealistic to expect bookings with deposits on the day. People want to take home the demo and watch it for an hour, compare product/price and then decide.

    We have the best demo we can make in a quality library case, plus an A4 folded to A5 colour brochure and a price comparison chart - we quote a single all in price which compares very favourably with the cheapos when the client costs the add-ins the others charge. We put the whole lot in a sealed silver foil envelope (which looks good and is also easy to spot so you don't go for the same people twice).

    The objective then is to get the packs (which we reckon probably cost 1 each) into as many hands as possible. It's all a percentage game. Be prepared to chat to those who want to chat but let those who just want to collect the pack and move on, go with a smile.

    Other useful things:

    Be as smart on the stand as you will be on the day.

    Have a dish of sweets but always ask parents if you can offer them to their children. My wife and I are both CRB cleared which clients like.

    Hope this helps.

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