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Thread: What Do I Do With DVD+RW Blank Discs?

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    Default What Do I Do With DVD+RW Blank Discs?

    Hi....complete newby here!

    I need help and although the 'problem' I have my have an obvious answer, I'm stumped.

    I recently installed an ASUS DVD Rewriter Model: DRW-2014L1 which shows as a DVD-RAM Drive on My Computer.

    So far I've been able to record DVD-R & RW discs but not DVD+R & RW ones.

    When I insert a +R/RW one, it's just not recognised, it only recognises & works with -R/RW ones.

    I read the specs for the ASUS and it appears it should work with either - or + types.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I would welcome your advice please,

    Many thanks,


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    Have you tried another make of disc?

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    Hi Jerry,

    I haven't tried another make of disc as they're the only ones I've got (Maxell Pro-X 1-4x Speed)

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    HI There,

    Although you may have +rw if they are giving you jib just stick with -wr?. Over the last few months I've played around with a lot of discs and the - format seems to be better for play back on more players, I don't know why? In fact I've got some results and thoughts (and questions!) on this that I'm going to put up on another thread in the next couple of days. IF your player says it will handle the + and won't then maybe it's dodgy and needs returning under warrenty.


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    Hi Nick,

    Yep, the -RWs work fine and this format seems to be more popular these days.

    I have a 7 year old Sony DVD Home Player and that only takes the +R/RW format (typical Sony so I'm told) and so, having got that, I'd hoped to put my home video recordings onto the +RWs but no go with the ASUS Rewriter.

    I shall be contacting the supplier of the ASUS about the 'problem'.

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