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Thread: Need some help.. Please

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    Default Need some help.. Please

    on thursday I am going to buy a new video camera.. the sony sr11 Sony - 5.0MP Handycam High-Definition Camcorder - Silver - HDRSR11

    I also wanna get a cheap editing program, ive used adobe in the past and like adobe because its real easy to use

    Do you think this adobe editing program will work with the new video camera im getting?
    Premiere Elements 4 - Windows

    or can someone please help me find the correct editing program..


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    When I read this "i.LINK DV interface (IEEE 1394) allows high-speed digital communication with other IEEE 1394 devices, including your IEEE 1394-compatible DVD recorder for easy sharing and archiving", then you will be using Firewire to transfer your video from camcorder to computer, just check that APE 4 can handle hi def video, if you plan to use hi def all the time.


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