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Thread: video card selection vs specifc needs

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    Default video card selection vs specifc needs

    I'm building a quad core system to run Adobe Production Premium CS3. I will spend 90% of my time on Premiere and 10% on AE. I'm an AE beginner, but I want to develop my abilities.

    Many recommend the NVidia Quadro series, but I can only afford up to the FX570 level. The FX1700 seems to be a better choice. Others say the 570 is not spec'd enough to be worth the money.

    I know that editing is less (not?) GPU dependent than the RAM and processor, so:

    1) is the Quadro FX570 good enough for beginners in AE (OR why would I want the 3D modelling capability that the Quadro is built for?)
    2) what would be a cheaper (maybe 1/2 price vs FX570) alternative card if I'm not an extreme gamer?

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