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Thread: Help! Bands appearing in exported video

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    Question Help! Bands appearing in exported video

    I'm editing a movie in 24pA in a 24pA timeline using Premiere Pro 1.5

    It's been exporting fine, but now when I export it to a DV AVI it's putting horizontal bands in the footage. I don't know how to describe it so I hope you know what I'm referring to. :-/

    It's in every frame, not just in a pull-down frame, btw. I'm exporting it as 24pA using "progressive scan" instead of lower or upper field first.

    Any clues what might be happening? I'm using Color Finesse 2 for color correction using the limiter if that might be a part of the problem.

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    video recorded from a camcorder is interlaced so to fix the "banding" problem ou'll need to deinterlace the video. i'm pretty sure this issue has been covered at length in other topics so have a search around the forum for deinterlacing and that should fix your problem
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    It shouldn't be interlaced though should it? It's a 24pA source file that isn't from a camera, it's from another project I did that exported it fine without banding. But when I export things now it bands. :-/

    It should deinterlace it automatically when it goes into a 24pA timeline right?

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    I just tried selecting "deinterlace fields" on the render screen and it didn't make a difference.

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    How about an screen shot so we can see the problem?

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    In this one you can see the bands in the wall

    This one you can see it in the darker areas of her skin

    It's hard to see in still frames, but trust me it's considerably noticable when watching the film.

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    Doesn't look like typical interlacing to me.

    Does the original footage look like that at all?

    Can;t say I know for sure what th eproblem is. I've not seen this before. My first reaction was that the video simply looks 'noisy' but the noise is horizontal bands and not random isn't it? Almost look slike it's printed on an inkjetprinter that needs the heads cleaning doesn't it?

    Migth simply be a compression artifact!

    What are your export/render settings?

    Off topic: you should colour correct the footage as well though. I'm presuming that the girl is wearing white shirt?

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    It looks like the noise you get when shooting in low light, did you shoot in low light? I know the images look lit alright but I get the feeling looking at them there simply wasn't enough light available.

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    But it's not in the original footage, that's the odd thing. The source file is a 24pA that looks fine. Sometimes the banding is in brighter parts, and sometimes it's in dark parts.

    Compression might be causing artifacts, that's a possibility, but I'm not compressing it other than the normal compression Premiere does. I don't have "recompress" checked and the compression is just the 24pA it defaults to.

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