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Thread: adjusting audio for angel/devil on shoulders

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    Default adjusting audio for angel/devil on shoulders

    You know the scene. Someone has a decision to make and a little angel and a little devil pop up on the person's shoulders. I want to adjust my audio to sound like those little people. Can anyone suggest what filters/settings I could use to achieve that effect?

    I have the CS3 titles.

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    I think you can go two ways.

    One is simply cut a lot of low frequencies (everything below 400Hz) to make them sound really tinny.

    The other is to pitch shift the voices up a little with a pitch shift plug-in, but this does get a bit smurf-like pretty quickly.

    A combination of the two perhaps.

    But a lot of it is to do with the delivery. Get the talent to 'DO' a small thin voice, (using their 'Head voice' rather than their normal 'Chest voice' (Singers and actors will know what this means) and then apply the LF cut to accentuate the effect.

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