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Thread: Losing video quality Ulead Mediastudio 8

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    Default Losing video quality Ulead Mediastudio 8

    Hi all,

    I am using Ulead Mediastudio Pro 8. I have some videos in wmv, mpg and avi format that I have edited (cut out start of the video).

    When I create a video file no matter what format I choose (mpg or avi) I lose alot of quality, by this i mean the video becomes a little fuzzy and pixelated. Originally the videos are about 3 minutes long and around 150mb and fantastic quality.

    What can I do (ie: what settings) to create the video file and keep the same quality video.

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I am a new user of Ulead mediastudio Pro 8

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    Not familiar with the program but does this still do it as an uncompressed DVavi? It's only going to be compression settings that's doing this, have a poke around for uncompressed avi settings somewhere in the rendering or 'saving' menus, whatever it's a settings thing that needs telling otherwise I would think. It might not necessarily be a detailed setting, it might be a 'low' setting that needs to be changed to 'high' or 'best' ect.

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