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Thread: What software for me?

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    Question What software for me?

    Afternoon guys,

    I am a rock climber and I am looking to start shooting videos of me climbing and was wondering what software is best, I will just be adding like a title screen end credits and a sound track and maybe little instant replay/slow motion type effects of any falls or cool dynos (jumps from one hold to another) and just generally all the newbie things to start with...

    Any davice appreciated,


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    Adobe Premiere Elements 4, you can download a 30 day trial of it from Adobe's website and see if it's what you want.

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    Frankly, and this could be controversial here, why bother with fancy editing programs considering your need? Use Movie Maker, free with Microsoft OS such as XP etc.

    My only concern with what you say you want is the slomo function, which is notchy, but the rest described can be done in Movie Maker no problem, and dead easy to use.

    Check this out: A video edited in Movie Maker, 45mb

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    I would normally recommend Adobe Premiere Elemtns too being a user of Adobe s/w myself.

    The onl;y worry I have for you is that historically, Adobe have been behind the times with slo-mo. you can typically set a speed but not adjust it. i.e. you can;t have it gradually change speed.

    Don;t know if Elements has caught up with Premier and After Effects yet but suspecting not personally.


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