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    Hello Im after a bit of help please
    I've got a new JVC GR-D23 mini DV camcorder, using firewire connection on my 1.2 gib processor, 512 ddr ram and 80 gig drive (partitioned 60gigs as capture drive NTFS). The problem I have the finished DVD on motion scenes is pixalated / the objects that move quickly appear to have horizontal lines which makes it look jerky & jittery. The Still scenes are perfect quality. I have tried capturing in pinnacle studio 9, then rendering & burning in cyberlink power producer as pinnacle kept on crashing. Im now trying ulead studio 7, which is easier to use in my opinion, but still get the same result you can see the pixalation / horizontal lines even in the capture preview. Im burning onto the red datawrite DVD-r's. I have tried many different things and programes but not getting anywhere. I dont think its the camcorder as it plays perfect when plugged directly into the TV and plus I have done 1 other dvd before which is perfect quality, the only difference was that was burnt onto a grey datawrite DVD.

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    This effect you are seeing is 'interlacing'.

    How you should remove it is entirely dependant on your target audience. If, like me, your target is a DVD to play on your TV then just do nothing. As you noticed before, viewing an ingterlaced signal on a TV (designed for one) is just what you want. You only get this effect when viewing an interlaced signal on a progressive scna device, namely a PC monitor.

    Either de-interlace, if necessary, or just make your DVD.

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    I like to make progressive scans. Just adds to the lottery of whether the DVD will play.

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    When I play it on the tv the lines do dissapear but the motion pictures still are very shaking/jittery. The same effect if i play the dvd on the computer.

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