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Thread: Creating an Animation Video-help please

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    Default Creating an Animation Video-help please

    Ok, well I want to start out by saying hi and thanks you everyone who can help me. What i need help is i wanted to create an Animation Movie, something like this . But the problem is i dont know if Sony Vegas Pro 8 or Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 can make those. I am fairly new to this and i would love every bit of help i can get. So far i've been using another program called, NeoPaint to make those animations, but i wanted to know if i can use both of my Sony Programs to make it. So Thank you again for everyone who can help me =]

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    Yeah you could do it, but you'd have to render out each individual animated element as a bitmap on a transparent background, and move them all around frame by frame to create the movement, or use keyframes and a specified motion path. Can be a pain for a full length anim.

    It would be better to use Flash CS3, it has all the layering resources which makes this sutff a lot easier. My new ident is being animated by a chum of mine, and when Skyping stuff to develop it the changes that can be made are so fast it's a joy to work with.

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    Your probably best to look for some specific animation software, I used 3D studio max for my recent video (see my other post) but that's expensive and is more for 3D realistic animations. I've played with TOONBOOM before which is pretty good and I think covers all types of animation but again you'll have to pay for it. However you may be able to do this in vegas (though I should say I use Pinnacle studio and have only played with Vegas once or twice years back).
    What you need to look at is the following.-
    1 multiple video layers
    2 chroma keying
    3 pan and zoom with key framing
    If you make clever use of those features then you could create the style of animation you are after without as Jerry suggests having to render every frame.
    I'll explain briefly.
    First create a jpg or whatever of your character, make sure the background is a pure colour (typically pure green) and the character itself does not contain any green, certainly not the same shade of green.
    Second place the character in a vegas layer/video stream above your background layer and turn on chroma keying with green as the key colour and the colour tolerance set low or at zero.
    Assuming vegas has a 2d zoom and pan function that is key-frameable use this to set start and end positions for your character.

    This should explain and get you into the principle involved and it's then just a matter of patience and hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYTOYROCKBAND View Post
    it's then just a matter of patience and hard work.
    But did the OP have the patience to wait 4 years for this? Maybe you should have started a new thread with this.

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