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    Unhappy Advice please!!

    HELP!! I have recently taken on a new role at work training new employees. A lot of what we do is very technical and must be done in a certain way. To ensure a consistent approach to the training I want to film some of the techniques so that the new people can click on and have an instant "refresher".

    I have been given a small budget to work with and want to buy a dvd digital camera, a tripod and some editing software. Before I go off and buy a complete lemon and waste the company's money I thought I'd better consult the people in the know.
    What I want to know first is:
    what is a decent digital camcorder? (up to £300 ish) - I am looking to use it for indoor work, mainly for close ups of hands.
    What is a suitable editing software package? I want to be able to cut and paste clips then record a voice-over explaining what is happening in the clip.
    What kind of microphone is suitable for this?
    Any advise / tips / warnings / guidance would be much appreciated.


    Colin Baxter

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    Personally I wouldn't use a dvd camcorder I would go for a mini dv camcorder instead. It all depends on how much hassle you want. Mini dvd camcorders, to give them their full title, are easy to use as you just record onto the disc, take it out and play it back in a dvd player. But if you want to edit the video, the file format can be tricky enough. You can get software like Sony Vegas Platinum 9 to edit the files and it's not too expensive.

    There are lots of camcorders made by the likes of Sony, JVC and Canon under £300, check out Currys, Dixons and Jessops websites. Mini dv camcorders use tape and give much higher quality video, you connect them to a computer using a Firewire cable. For indoor work you will need extra lighting or get the person near to a window but again it you want to record at night time and with us all moving into Autumn then indoor lights would be better.

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    Making good films is a great skill - making good training films even more so.

    If it were my company I would put a zero on the end of that budget and get the job done professionally - a crap training film is worse than nothing and without meaning to be rude unless you have about a year to practive - lots - your relults may be just that - crap.

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