Hi I bought the sony hdr camera to replace my hc1 . the reason was to save on dv tapes and time of passing the video to the computer. we record 2 times daily classes and we need to save as much time as we can , so we can have this videos online in time.
I talked to our tech division and they said they work with premiere 6 to edit the video ( just cut and paste a few scenes, very simple) and they told me that the program accepts avi or wmv.
i have been recording on the hc1 on dv and not hdv.
the question is on the sr12 , on regular def and not high def , what type of file i would get? i would need a file that i could work with in the editing , the best! would be uncompressed avi .
what would i have to do , to get the files to be avi or some file extension that can be edited in premiere?
(the final product is in the end an hour long video with something like 60mb, so it can stream easily on the net)
thank you