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Thread: which SD card to chose..

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    Default which SD card to chose..

    ok so this is my first post, i have had a quick search around and couldnt really find anything that addresses my question, i bought a HD camcorder that runs on SD memory, and im looking to buy said memory.
    i just need something like 8gb to get me started as i can edit/store it on laptop and external harddrive( i know it will take days =[ pity me!)
    but, whats the differences between the cards?
    ive found a good sandisk one here ( Sandisk 8.0GB SDHC Card : SD : )

    but i see it has Sandisk's SDHC Class 2 range reads at 2 MB/sec and writes at 2 MB/sec

    does this cause a problem? or will it be slow in any way and hinder the performance of the camcorder?

    the camcorder in question is:

    BT Shop - Samsung VP-HMX10 HD Flash Camcorder (VP-HMX10/XEU)

    i know its not too flashy but i need it to do climbing videos etc so was on a budget!

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    That is a totally superb cam for helmet mounted fear shots - no need to be humble. Way beet er than waht is often used.

    I am no expert in this area but i suspect you will need a card that writes faster. It might be ok tho.

    Check with samsung or just give it a try.

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