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Thread: Is this video edited?

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    Default Is this video edited?

    I have a bet with a friend on whether or not the video of this trick is edited in any way beyond the text displayed in the bottom left hand corner.

    The plausability or whether or not the trick can be performed is not part of the bet. We are looking for 15 responses. Whomever gets the most responses in their favor wins the bet. We came here because we figured the majority of people on this forum would have an above average knowledge of video editing.

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    No it isnt edited.
    To create this with ediing tricks would be much harder then learning simple sleight of hand.

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    I agree 100% with Mark. Definitely no special effects or editing.

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    Not edited

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    not edited,

    the easiest bit to spot his slight of hand is during the 'ten of spades' section, he shows you the bottom card each time, and takes the top one off to make you assume he did take the 10 of spades out.

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