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Thread: Vegas suddenly stops importing video

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    Default Vegas suddenly stops importing video

    Hello all, I'm new here.
    I'm not a professional video person, but I've been required to do this for work.
    I recently purchased Vegas. It works well, but when I tried to import a 910MB avi, it didn't display the video track, just the audio. So I went online, found a freeware AVI splitter, chopped it into 5 smaller files, and still, no video.
    Anyone know how to rectify this situation?
    Many thanks.

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    This has to be the most common vegas question.
    Install the correct codec and all will be well.
    Or just install lots ' nimo codec pack ' - that usually fixes things.

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    Thanks, I'll try that.
    You'd think it would give an error message or something.

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