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    Default All I want is to be able to:-

    Transfer from my DV Tape Camcorder (Canon MV700) to my PC , edit the movie (max 15 mins in length) with some very simple titles and a perhaps a little background music and remove a few frames. Nothing big. I have video'd a wedding and cant give the happy couple a disc that will play on their DVD player at a decent resolution!


    I have a 1GHZ PC with a Geoforce 2 graphics card, firewire port, 40GB hard disc and 756K RAM. I do NOT have a DVD burner but DO have a CD burner.

    I use Videowave 5 and have managed quite easily to capture from the DV tape and then create a Video CD. (I cant create a true DVD as I have no burner and I cannot us ethe Videowave 5 option of creating a DVD on a CD as this does not play on a DVD player only on the PC so they say). However, when the Video CD is played on the DVD and thence onto the TV the resolution is very poor. It converts it to MPEG1 there is no choice.(I can of course play the DV tape straight from the camcorder to the TV but then I cant edit it and more to the point I cant send a simple disc to the happy couple!).

    I RECKON things might be better if I DID have a DVD Burner and then perhaps I could burn a DVD and use MPEG2 compression which as I understand would be better. So..the question is:-

    Without buying anything else (except perhaps a DVD burner) can I get a decent resolution film (edited as I said) onto a disc to give the happy couple to play on their DVD player and then onto TV??

    What do you say? Help please! I have emailed Roxio but no feedback. It seems such an obvious requirement to me. I would have thought the greater amount of people want to create DVDs to play on their DVD player to display on TV NOT create discs that can only work on a PC!! or am I completely different from the rest of the world? !!!

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    VCD is just about as good as VHS, but is often a little blurrier. So what you have is as good as it gets. There is a SVCD option which is pretty near DVD quality, very popular in Asia but not widely supported by UK DVD players (check your instruction manual). However, there is a neat little trick you can do to spoof a VCD compatible player to play SVCD by altering a header:;14#87

    However, by far the best solution would be to get a DVD burner and author the edited video to DVD.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Excellent, straight forward clear reply. Off to the DVD Burner shop I go!

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    DVD burners are really cheap now, they've shot down in price and gone up in speed (and capacity) in the last couple of months.

    (says he, who bought his DVDRW drive about 5 months ago. Pah.)

    I recommend either or


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