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    Hi im new to the forum

    i today brought a sony handycam DCR-DVD115E
    and I was needing a bit of help.. I know it can record straight to 8mm dvd
    but was wondering if theres a certain type i should get as i want to be able to delete what ive recorded and re record over.. is that dvd rw? or dvd r? im so thick i do apologise.
    and i want to at a later date create duplicates of the dvd.. so would a dvd rewriter let me copy both dvd rw cds and dvd r cds onto a new disc?

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    The re-writable discs are called either -rw or +rw, the -rw seem to be more popular. Just make sure you get the right ones for your particular camcorder. To make duplicates you can either use a computer with two drives, one to play the disc back and the other has a large blank disc. You need duplicating software and supply of blank discs. If your computer only has one dvd burner drive you will need to copy the video onto the hard disk and then copy it onto every blank disc. And the mini dvd discs are 8cm, not 8mm.


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