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Thread: Filming skiing with SOny HC96

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    Default Filming skiing with SOny HC96

    Does anyone know if the HC96 has a frame mode? Also what AE setting is best to eliminate ghosting. would it be "sports" or "beach"

    I am struggling to get good images that i can use for slow motion editing on SOny Vegas.

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    I don't think it has Frame Mode, how do you feel this would help with slomo?

    Looking around the net it seems that generally the HC96 is not considered to be very good at action stuff, no idea why, statements of lack of sharp images, but it might be worth looking into.

    Exposures in snow are a real pain, especially at midday if it's sunny. I've done a little bit, but not much, and I kind of found out after what was going wrong. Often a neutral density filter is needed, sometimes a polariser can act in this capacity whilst doing it's job dealing with surface reflections and giving the consequential saturation of skies etc.

    The 'Beach' setting is probably the one to go for, this is intended to deal with over bright landscape etc, so makes sense. But I think I'd prefer using the spot metering fucntion my Sony's have too, where you touch the screen for the area you want metered. Use a grey card and you can set the camera out of auto settings, which may produce more consistence exposures than the auto functions.

    Also remember white balance, this is best set before each shooting session, use a white balance lens cap or white card for this, assuming you have control of that on the camera.

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    Thanks, that is most helpful. I am new to video and a cameraman told me frame mode is better for slo mo replay when uploaded to the the web by eliminating the interlacing ghosts. (have to admit i have no idea what that means )

    i will look into filters and use the beach settings. cheers!

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