My name is Jerry Hill. Jeremy actually, but most people canít say it properly so Jerry is easier J.

Iíve been making videos for about three years after some 35 years in still photography. My main subject is the sport of Power Kiting, so not much in the way of narrative.
Iíve been building up kit to enable me to expand on my tools, a lot of it is home made, such as a camera crane, various mounts, balance beams, adaptor lenses, accessories such as screen shades and magnifiers, and Iím currently building a twelve camera time slice rig (ĎBullet Timeí)

Some of this stuff can be see in action on my You Tube channel My Channel

Though the best steady cam test is here: Steady Cam trial

Having this stuff is all very well, but Iím aware it needs input behind the camera to reap the best out of it, so Iíve come here in the hope that I can fill some gaps in my knowledge.

I'm happily using Sony HC5's, Premiere CS3 and Vegas.

Looking forward to it.