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Thread: making a wedding vid(dvd)

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    Default making a wedding vid(dvd)

    im trying to make a wedding video for my sister and collected all the clips that she wants...then im using ulead video for the editting

    now when im done i go to creat video file......when its done redering the size
    is i had to trim it did it agagin and im at 4.5gig..still to big to put on a i rendered again and im at 4.5????????

    when i put a blank dvd in it says the size is 4.4gig...its sems whatever i reneder it to its still to big???

    need help ASAP please


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    You should be able to get your video onto a standard dvd disc. Instead of trimming it you need to apply some more compression, try it in tiny steps as you want to keep the quality as high as possible. I don't use Ulead so I can't give specific settings but try the compression settings and see how it goes.

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    I am no expert (this is obvious) but personal experience is that the dvd authoring or disc creation process adds overhead that affects how big your original program can be to fit on a single layer 4.7Gig disc.

    Usually around 3.8 or 3.9 Gig is about all your original program can be to fit on a 4.7Gig disc.

    Two Solutions

    One - Since you want this very special family event to have highest quality possible you can split the program into two parts for a two disc program - like Pre-Ceremony scenes and Wedding Scenes on one disc and Reception on the second.

    Two - Instead of creating a dvd after editing choose the option of creating a DVD Folder. By selecting dvd folder you are not limited to a file size that will fit on a dvd disc so you will get the complete wedding program at full quality.

    Then open your dvd folder in DVDShrink. DVDShrink is a free download that is simply great for compressing dvd files just enough so that they will fit on a 4.7Gig disc. However, the more compression required the more likely you will see a degradation of the image quality but you should try this and see for yourself.

    I have used "Shrink" many times and it is truly the home movie maker's "Friend" as it very simply takes a edited video file that's a tad too big and compresses it just enough to fit on a DVD. (It also includes decryption utilities to allow movie duplication but that's not necessary in your situation).

    I can say from Wedding Video shooting experience (in an earlier life I did three and four camera wedding shoots of approx. 350 weddings and personally did the editing and etc. that you want highest quality possible on the distribution dvd copies so I would ONLY use a compression utility like DVDShrink if the video file is just a bit too large.

    Otherwise, I would create a two disc set.

    Easy enough to do with ULead Video Studio - BTW - what version are you trying to use??? Just re-open your project into the timeline and delete at end of Wedding ceremony (for example) then add maybe a simple 10 second frame with title that says - "End of Part One" and then add a fade and then render this for DVD disc One.

    Then reopen your project in timeline and delete the Wedding and have this piece begin with the after ceremony stuff and the Reception.

    Sorry to rattle on so - Hope you find the rambling helpful.

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