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    Default Rendered Video Flickers

    I got a new little glitch happening with my Sony Vegas 8.0 which is aggravating the heck out of me. After I edit the video, I play it back and the transitions between the frames that I "overlap" at the ends are smooth and flawless. However, after the video has been rendered, I play that rendered video but at each and every transition point within the project where the one video blends into the next (because I overlap the ending video over the next one for that effect), other frames of the video flicker rapidly during the blending transition. As soon as the blend has been complete, the video is then fine. It's just happening during the transition areas.

    It's as though there are multiple video frames in the same exact area. I've never had this problem before up until today. Now it does this every time I blend two pieces of video footage together. What would cause this? What gets me the most is how the video is fine before I render it. Once it's rendered, it takes on that glitch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I realize this thread is pretty old, and there are no responses. I'm hoping someone can come to my aid, even if the original-poster has long since given up.

    Long story short, I'm editing a blooper reel from Left 4 Dead that me and my friends play using Vegas 7.0d.

    Same as OP, when using Linear Wipes or other transition effects I get huge glitches in the form of colored static and vertical lines.

    Different codecs, different settings, quality settings, interlacing.. NOTHING seems to alleviate this problem.

    Please help!

    Link to example: (I know its really short, it's short on purpose. I want you to hit replay a few times to see what I'm talking about.)

    (PS I just uploaded this, give it a minute if it doesn't play.

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    Sorry for the double post, however I feel that I have ran more tests and narrowed things down a bit.

    I tried messing with my CPU options. I have a dual core and I know it messes with Maya sometimes. I set it to one CPU and to my amazement, it was fixed. Surprised? I was too.

    Except that the problem is *RANDOM*. It was sheer luck that when I re-rendered a short clip to confirm my findings (at another part in the video), the problem reoccured. Again, to my surprised, I *RE-RENDERED* the EXACT scene with the EXACT settings. Indeed, the problem is 100% random, and thus I believe it to be hardware related.

    Do you guys think running dual monitors have anything to do with it? I'm a gamer and my drivers are all up to date. Really though the CPU is doing all of the computation so everything should be left out of it except that.

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