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Thread: Digital8 to Computer, Win Media Encoder9, audio ok no video?

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    Default Digital8 to Computer, Win Media Encoder9, audio ok no video?

    I got a loan of a video camera for my brothers wedding its a Sony DCR-TRV355E.

    The wedding is recorded onto the Digital 8 tape.

    I found this site Sony Digital8 Transfer information

    I have installed Win Media Encoder 9 and set it up as described but when I start the encoder I get sound but no video.

    Does anyone know a better way or can tell me what i'm doing wrong.


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    How did you connect the camcorder to the computer? If it was using a Firewire/I-Link/DV connection then you should get both video and audio. I wouldn't use WME9, stick to using DV AVI version2 and use either Windows Movie Maker 2 or download a 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 4.

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