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    I put this video together with some clips I captured of a trip we took recently. Hes had some issues with the car, and selling it soon so I put this together. Just some memories of the car, one of the cleanest 1G eagle Talons I've ever seen.

    tell me what you think.


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    I liked the reveal shot of engine at the start.

    I didnt like the very shakey car driving stuff - looked rubbish - if i am doing this I brace the camera against the car and shoot lots so ican just use the steady bits.

    Glad to hear some sfx with the well chosen music ( well i tht so).

    Some info about the car would have been good.

    You should have done a few runs - shot them all from different view points and chopped th3em together to add some visual interst to the otherwise boring shot of a car going along a drag strip.

    Very fast stock looking strret car btw - I did the quarter on my zx10 only slightly faster and that was a 1000cc m bike (stock) - I made the tems once on my zzr1100 (sold now) , but then the clutch broke....

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    The shaky sections are beyond use imho. It's easy to rig car mounts without huge expense, even a tripod with a still camera style pan/tilt head poking out of a window, with the legs extended inside and held by the operator braced out as much as possible will give you a steady mount clear of the camera car, or in this example I simply used multiple ratchet straps to cobble a whole tripod on to the outside of a van (safety has to be thought of here)

    I agree some info on the car would help, along with some more dynamic shots. Try filming it from as far away as your zoom will allow, this compresses the perspective and gives a vehicle a more solid robust look, also push those low angles more if you can, gives the car a domineering look. I'd also choose light from either end of the day, early morning is best, again visually more dynamic.

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    I'm having problems loading the video.

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    A real shame that the camera work wasn't steady. Would have liked to have seen more scene setting at the venue. Other cars, officials at work, stuff like that. Interesting though that even though it was a very poor start off the line, it whooped the other car.

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    sorry. those shakey shots destroyed the video, and some better composition is needed in the stills, mind you I did enjoy the music, and general flow of the video

    looks like a pretty fast car, I enjoyed the drag race.


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