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Thread: Newibe: How do I deinterlace to 60fps?

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    Default Newibe: How do I deinterlace to 60fps?

    I have some interlaced 29fps video from my gs320 mini dv. It's some quick action media, so I wanted to try deinterlacing it to make it look better, and in turn, make it 60fps.

    I am using VirtualDub with Deinterlacing smooth v1.1 filter

    Now, the video plays smoothly at 60fps ONLY in virtual dub, but as soon as I save it as an AVI, it is EXTREMELY choppy and SLOW when I play in another program. How do I make it play smoothly like in Vdub?

    Thank you!

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    Check out the cpu load - I bet it is 100%. It takes some oomph to play a 60 fps file.

    The usual reaon for converting as you have done is so you can do cool slo mo - why do you wish to play stuff at 60 fps ? ? ?

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    Thanks for the reply. I just wanted it for slow motion. Maybe if I slow down the FPS on the video BEFORE saving it, it'll work.

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