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    filmed this in under 10 minutes i just wanted to practice with my green screen which needs alot of work... I dont know somone might find this funny goto Tell me what u think....

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    Very good. Nicely shot. Only thing - your ghost shows up over the top of the actor, so it looks like it's in front when it's actually behind the actor in the foreground.

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    Default music

    anyoen know where i can get some free scary music? because i want to make a long scary movie but music is a big factor and I cant use the theme from holloween, exorist every time lol

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    Just checked it out, nice and moody, but agree with mark about the ghost appearing in the foreground. Looks a bit cheesy as well, maybe make it a bit more subtle.

    Unless of course, cheese is what you're going for.

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    Default music

    So no one has any scary music I can use? :(

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    enter the digital director competition in category three and get your free copy of "Sinister" from Chris Worth. It is pretty creepy

    very nicely shot I agree. Good work - Agree with the ghost in front/behind comments kind of gives it away - just seperate them to opposite sides of the frame or shoot so that the camera is behind the ghost facing you that way the ghost can fully overlap you without obstacle. This would mean showing the back of the ghost but, you could shoot cut aways of the face with a close up of yours.

    just thoughts - I enjoyed it though
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