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Thread: New PDX10 or old faulty a1?

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    Default New PDX10 or old faulty a1?


    I'm about to go out to India to make a film about fair trade cooperatives. As a pretty small female wanting to travel light, often alone, i'm needing a small and lightweight but decent prosumer camcorder.
    I have a limited budget and right now have the choice between a brand new (old) PDX10 or an old A1 with a faulty firewire connection - it doesn't work at all so would either need repairing or to use another sony camera to upload tapes.
    They're both around the same price - which would you say i should go for? I know the A1 is the better make generally but i'm wary of spending considerable money on a camera which is broken and has a lot of recording hours on it already.
    But, would really like a second opinion...


    Lucy x

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    A1 ? ? ? Aint that a road - more info please- or i am just being really thick maybe

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    Sorry, that would be a Sony A1 - the mini size Z1...
    PDX10 is also a sony camera.


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    i own a pdx10, it's actually GREAT..... except that its firewire is veryyy fragile and it actually stopped working (costs about 400$ to fix :S)...
    so whatever u get, u should be very careful while using the firewire....
    ps: i actually use a panasonic to capture the videos...
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