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    Default Melbourne City Nightlife Video

    Hey everyone, would like to know people's oppinion on my latest video. Let me know if this video is any good.

    Thanks, Laurie

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    My first question is, is Melbourne really that quiet at night time? Apart from seeing a few cars going past, it looks almost desserted. Some good shots of buildings and the way they are lit at night but I felt very disconnected with it, the camera didn't get in close enough to engage me and hold my interest.

    If you want to do a night shoot in a city or town you have to bring the viewer into the action. Do a montage showing people walking on the street, standing at traffic lights, sitting in restaurants, traffic, neon signs, shop displays, street cleaning crews at work, police or ambulance crews at work sorting out drunks. Your video lacks that certain oomph factor. Also you could have brought us in closer to the person walking in the video, it was just a series of long shots which made them disappear into the background.

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    Well yeah it was 2 in the morning so yeah that wasnt many people round. I shouldnt have really called the topic "Melbourne Nightlife" cause it isnt that. Its just meant to be a lonely looking dude walkin round Melbourne checking the scenery so my bad. But yeah if I was to do a nightlife one I know what ya mean by capturing all that other stuff definately.

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    hmmmm, a few pointers I would like to make, this video needs far better composition in the shots, please get to know "the rule of thirds" google this and abide by it.

    sure its a video about you walking through some of your shots, but the edits are too long, as there is nothing in the shot to keep you interested.

    have to say it reminded me of growing up in Australia when the cities were just ghost towns from 8pm, and some may feel this is still the case especially mid week.

    the title of the video does not endorse the content, nightlife ....where?

    where are the trams.....?
    where are the people crammed into coffee shops, book stores....?
    where is a burst of fireworks over the city.....?
    where are reflection shots from the river of the city......?
    where are the fireball generators outside the casino....?

    even though I live in Sydney I do remember these images from the few times I have visited Melbourne.

    personally I have found Melbourne during the day far more interesting, all those women wearing black outfits, I have never worked out why black is so big down there.

    anyway thanks for posting the video, good luck.

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    I know what you's mean by the interesting stuff, but it was 2 in the morning. I do have another video of a simple timelapse on Flinders St Station an that catpures a bit of whats going on, people everywhere, trams, ambulance's etc but this is kind of meant to be a lonley video, like listen to the song its sounds pretty lonely. It would be crazy to do what they do on movies where people actualy block off the streets so it looks deserted like in "I Am Legend" where they actualy blocked off part of New York. The photos from bird eye view of the set are amazing because its crowded everywhere but THAT area, worth checking out. Thanks for your advice I will definately take in those pointers in the future .

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    I was in Melbourne last night and it was very busy so I got a few nice timelapse shots, may post them soon to show you all Melbourne when its more hectic than in this video.

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