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Thread: Help! Cannon sucks!

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    Default Help! Cannon sucks!

    So I buy a HD cam for about $1000 I finally go to install the software that came with it.... and the bastards only give software for the cam option. This is an expensive cam, and cannon couldn't give me some basic program to rip this video off the cam?

    I installed Vegas, I don't know if it can een do that. I tried to make an education vid with Vegas, I'm still struggling with zooming in etc. I hope I can find something easier while I keep trying.

    I have a project I really want to do is there anything free and simple I could use.
    What program would I even need for HDvideo?
    I'm going to go cry now. I thank you for your time.
    Oh and.,..
    Fuck you Cannon.

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    Dont cry ! Shout at children instead.

    No such ting as a poweful editor that is easy to use - sorry -no no - stop crying.

    Vegas is often cited as one of the more friendly to use - oh no - now it's floods of tears.

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