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    With HD comming in full blazes, and sd equiptment being obsolete; finally used sd equiptment is becoming affordable.

    With big hd channels like Discovery upconverting old sd footage to hd, I have to guess there are ways to upconvert that give decent result? Does anyone have experience with this? Is it worth buying a used sd professional camera off ebay, or should I just save up and go for a hd?

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    Used pro SD or new HDV - now that is a question I can get my teeth into.

    When it was my money I went for used pro sd, I got a JVC5001e with cheap lens for 1600 quid with 100 hours on the drum, new this was about 7000.

    I went for this cos I like to do filming where I want the camera to scream ' go away I am the real media ' and it works. I also love the superb build quality and ease of use. Bit it is big and heavy. The 'real' lens is a peach too with real rings for focus / exposure and ( deep joy) zoom.

    Picture quality - this is a hard one as the formats have pros and cons in different situations. A huge simplification would be to say that a decent pro SD cam will perform overall simialrly to a 'prosumer' or top end of consumer HDV cam.

    Durability - used sd everytime, pro gear is made on a different prodution line to much higher standards.

    Accesories - cost the earth for pro but lots of stuff is available to pimp your cam.

    I use 2 cams mainly - a tiny sony pc4 and the huge jvc - the pro jvc is a beast to lug and use so the tiny sony does all the 'casual' work - think about how you will use the camera.

    There are more expirienced camera nerds than me on the forum so hopefully one of them will post.

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    Mark has his head screwed on pretty straight so I'd generally take him at his word. pro over consumer any day would make a good axiom to live by in this field.

    For me personally though you can answer the question for yourself quite easily by thinking who your audience is and how you will deliver to them.

    I have an HDV camcorder (Sony HDR-FX1E) and love it. It's great for the things I do and being a bit nerdy I have a PS3 and Sky HD and prefer to watch everything in high def when it's available but I suspect I'm not Mr Joe Average. Your average geezer on the street is likely to have a DVD player but would not know what a Blu-ray disk is I reckon. If that's your audience then there's no real need to go anything other than SD is there as anythign else is just a waste. Take me again. I make edit HDV and the only person who ever takes a delivaerabel off me of greater resoltuon than SD is myself! Go figure.

    One other comment I have though on your post. If it's a question of 'saving up' for HDV then forget HDV and take that extra step to HD.


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