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Thread: Extracting Audio from a video clip

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    Default Extracting Audio from a video clip

    I finally figured out how to import a downloaded video clip into adobe by converting it into an .AVI using STOIK video converter. the problem is I don't know how to extract the audio from this clip. Is it still Possible to convert my video clip to AVI with out the audio using STOIK video converter?
    Or just import the video clip into adobe premiere 6.0 and extract the audio from the video clip in there?
    i'm trying to make a music video, that's why i'm trying to get rid of the audio. There's actually no need for it since i'll be adding my own soundtrack.
    If anyone understands what i'm saying here , please help
    Thanks for any help.

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    Not sure if i'm following you all the way...but I'm assuming once you get the video clip into Premiere you can right click and choose to unlink the audio and video. Once they are unlinked you can manipulate each field independently (ie. deleting the audio track).

    However I use Premiere 6.5 so I'm not entirely sure that method works in 6.0.

    Hope this helps.

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    I always need to get rid of the audio for most of the clips I use in Premiere 6, the most efficient way I've found is:
    import it into your bin, then double click on it to make it appear in the window for marking in/out points, mark your in and out points as usual then click the little icon of the sound wave underneath where the clip's displayed, then click on the clip and drag it onto your timeline where you want it. This will do the same as right clicking, then unlinking, then deleting, but with a lot less steps.
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    Or just mute the sound of the whole track back using the icon at the far left.

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    Or, just lock video track and select audio track and delete it.
    After that unlock video track and its ready to use, and no audio at all.

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