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Thread: Multiple Timers?

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    Default Multiple Timers?

    I'm new to Vegas and was wondering if anyone knew how to achieve this effect. I want to have multiple timers on screen... Not simultaneously running but one goes after the video reaches a certain spot that one stops then other one starts later.
    Little Diagram:
    5:54 0:00 0:00 (10 seconds into the clip)
    11:23 0:00 0:00 (20 seconds)
    11:23 3:32 0:00 (40 seconds)
    etc. ..

    Hopefully you understand, I can't seem to use the Sony Time code to do this so I am having trouble figuring this out.

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    Well, I've most likely not understood your request correctly, but here goes. Why not SPLIT the clip/s at the point where you want the T/C to start and again where you want them to restart? And ONLY apply the TC Fx on those sections you want the TC?

    I'm trying hard here . .


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