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Thread: Sony DVD Camcorder, Disc Problems

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    Red face Sony DVD Camcorder, Disc Problems

    Hya All,

    I'm desperate for help again . . .I've had a Sony DCR-DVD505e for the last 2 years.

    Most of that having trouble retrieving recorded material off 8cm Sony discs.

    Just got back from a holiday with 2 grandkids with 7 recorded DVD-RW discs. (NEW)

    Trouble is I can only Finalize 3 of them. So, I have 4 discs full of precious holiday material which I can't download.

    Keep getting various messages, "Unknown Format", or "Error Code 13-02" or "Disc Error".

    Sony don't seem to be of any help, apart from checking camera for 176.00. Which was done 15 months ago, but found to have nothing wrong with it.

    I've tried CD Roller, to no avail.

    I remember Nikosony and others saying I should have gone for a mini DV, but It was too late.

    I need to get into these discs if possible.

    Been quoted . . .wait for it . . .350.00 plus VAT by a company. (That's more than the holiday.



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    I have a sony hdrux1 and I have similiar issues sometimes, mabye I can help. With my camera, im not supposed to even need to finalize the disc, as long as the disc is in the camera and im connected via usb.

    I discovered my "unknown format" problem occurs when I install Nero, or MagicISO. Im sure alot of other cd/dvd ripping/burning software does the same thing. What happens is these programs install there own required files which screws up Sonys (Actually called sonics) UDF Reader. This is what tells your computer how to read the discs.

    If you have Nero, you can import the material from the discs that way. Otherwise heres a fix that always gets me through:

    goto control panel, add/remove programs. Delete all the bundled sony software that came with your computer. Then goto your main harddrive --> program files and delete the folder called "sonic" . Restart your computer. Reinstall Sony Software. Then try again.

    My situation may be slightly differnt than yours. But this is what works for me. Hope it helps.

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