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Thread: Strange anomaly ???

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    Default Strange anomaly ???

    I have been doing advertising type videos and a few Horse shows as my main activities since I decided to charge for my work (Go Pro)

    I use a pair of Sony CCD-V5000 pro camcorders (yes I know these are not new but, freshly updated and tweeked by a Sony Tech)

    I just did my first ever wedding and it was a nasty one with an outdoor setting, all sorts of white tent and white chairs and the only direction I could aim the camera was all wrong for the ceremony as far as lighting goes.

    I managed to deal with the lighting issues ok but during post production I noticed a strange jitter to a couple scenes when the camera was panned.

    This looked like the camera was panned in a hesitant jerky motion instead of smooth. I was smooth in real time though and looks great on the footage.

    The anomaly is not in the original footage when played back either in the camcorder or on the computer.

    The issue shows up when in the vegas 5 editor and also to some extent in the MPG file.

    After burning to a DVD its much better and depending onn the DVD player its gone from the video.

    Now I take the tapes from the V5000 and use a Sony Digital 8 unit to firewire to the computer.
    This is the first time I have ever seen this happen. I use vegas 5.0 to edit with.

    Concerned about this for fine work as it looks hinky.

    Some sort of hinky time base correction error???

    Any ideas would be appreciated much

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    I suspect you are seeing interalce tearing during the pans.

    This is far more obvious on the pc monitor and gets worse the faster you pan.

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    Thanks for the candid opinionated response.
    Well I dont claim to have all the answers. Wedding vids are by nature problematic to be sure.

    If I said I was a pro wedding vidder I would not only be lying but would be doing it in grand style.

    Now how does one correct interlace tearing??

    I have never seen this anomaly before on any videos I have produced.

    Again thanks for your input.
    Opinionated moderators are usually that way for a reason.


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