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    hi please help me ive been asked by my mother in law to choose her a camcorder for her to take on holiday, these are her requirements
    1 record to hdd
    2 excellent still picture quality
    3 upto 850
    4 excellent video quality
    i have been looking at the panasonic SDR-H280
    panasonic SDR-H60
    sony HDR-S11E
    sony HDR-S12E
    am i looking at the correct ones, i dont know, thats why im asking for help so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    im looking at sony because she wanted sony but her husband said panasonic so please help

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    I dont hang around dixons sniffing brochures, well not much, so I cant be specific but you shouldnt expect a video camera to be able to produce 'excellent' stills.

    It is much better to get a seperate stills camera.

    Stills from any video camera will be unlikel;y to better even a cheap dig stills camera.

    Perhaps you should look at Canon video cams too, lots of the regulars here rate thier small cameras.


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