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Thread: Flipping Video from CCTV Camera

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    Hi all

    I'm wondering if someone can help here - I have a CCTV video camera and a capture card on a PC, both working fine. The problem is I need to invert the image feed that the camera outputs so that I don't have to hang the camera upside down like it's supposed to be (long story). This obviously needs to be done before the capture software gets hold of the image because I don't want to record upside down, or have to invert it later. So my real question is: is there a hardware box that can invert video feeds in hardware so that the video capture software can see the image the right way up?

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    There are video switchers/mixers, and video effect generators that can do this. But they arnt all cheap.

    Some of the "cheaper" devices are the sima sed-em, sim sfx-m, se-200 pro. However I have no idea if they are capable of this effect, you would have to research.

    I know at my college our grassvalley & Ampex switchers are capable of doing this. But they are fairly expensive, and quiet large.

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    Why is the camera producing an upside down image?

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    The camera is producing an upside down image because it's upside down . It's a CCTV camera and hence meant to be mounted hanging from a roof or whatever - but I want it to be protruding from on top of a building. It's really rather annoying, I imagined I'd be able to flip the video image easily but obviously not :/

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    Why not just take it apart and make a new mounting hole on the other side?

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