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Thread: hi need ulead

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    Default hi need ulead

    hi i need ulead full version if anybody have please upload it

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    You'll need to download it from the company's website and pay for it. The forum doesn't encourage what you want to do.

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    As posted this is not the place for such awful topics as P2P file networking but knowing how to do something isn't the same as doing it - at least in my fuzzy logic look at the world. Like knowing about DVDShrink of DVDFab for decrypting and making backup copies of your movies - also a No-No of discussion at this particular forum.

    You need to try and join the shadowy and dark world of P2P file sharing.

    Most publicity and legal scrutiny seems to be focused on those that care to share music and movies - I'm not sure how much effort is made to do a legal number on those smart enough to decrypt and upload compressed or "zipped" software applications and I can't tell you How or Where cause it's not my thing cause I have no interest so I have nothing to share re current ways and means - now back in the early days of Kazaa P2P file sharing I was more interested and did a thing or two - that was a looooong time ago.

    Rumor has it that most any application/program that you care to have is out there if you meet the criteria of the groups that do the sharing. I'm told that best P2P done among "closed" groups and how you would go about finding and validating yourself as a "bandito" suitable for membership to such a group I have no idea.

    Anyhow, you seem to know a bit already about uploading and P2P file sharing so I suggest you Google around and about for things like bit torrent and other share applications and sooner or later you'll stumble into the "virtual bad lands" of the digital lawless.
    GoodLuck and if you actually get there always check your Six O'clock.
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