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Thread: DVD making programme ?

  1. Default DVD making programme ?

    Can anyone recomend a good DVD making programme ?

    I have been putting some of the DVDs together using the Create Disc option in Ulead Vidiostudio 11plus, but it seems to be encoding it wrong or something as its making the pixels look really bad

    Its nothing to do with the input video as i have done the same video in Powerproducer and its looked fine

    The trouble is that power producer is limited in its menu production etc, so i wanted a better one now

    Any ideas ? not bothered about paying of course, but dont want a 1000 production programme or anything


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    Has to be DVD Architect from Sony for me. Absolutely top prog.

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    Thanks for this.
    I have tried six or seven different DVD authoring programs. I've been looking for one which allowed me to create my own menus, rather than being confined to limited templates.
    Like waynegoldring, I was also unhappy with the encoding and pixels on the finished DVD.
    I stumbled across this thread a couple of days ago, and yesterday made my first DVD with DVD Architect. I'm very happy with the results.
    Now I can make my own menus, and have a decent quality picture.
    I'm looking forward to reading through the forums to get some more tips.

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    Anyone here who knows me knows I'm a fan of Adobe. My vote for a good DVD authoring package is Adobe Encore - for two good reasons...

    1) menus in Encore are basically just layered Photoshop files. I know Photoshop and so I'm very comfortable building my own menus.
    2) It's the only DVD authoring package I've ever used and it does all I need of it, including blu-rays

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