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    Hi there Guys

    I currently have ImageMixer 1.5 which was bundled with my Sony TRV33E Camcorder. For some reason, when I try to capture an hours worth of tape it will give up after 10 mins saying I have exceeded my disk capacity. This is not true as I have 100 free Gig on it!

    The same thing happens with Roxio too.

    Now after some research I believe it has something to do with my disk being NTFS insead of FAT 32 and can only capture a maximum of 4/5 Gig (does that make sense?). And I cant convert back to FAT 32.

    So bacically, is there any software that will let me capture my whole tape no hassle? This 'hiccup' seems a bit of a downer for todays technology!

    thanks very much

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    Good camera. I have one of those and it's still going strong

    I'm rather hoping you quoted your disk format round the wrong or your post doesn't make sense to me.

    Capturing DV_AVI from that camera (or indeed any miniDV camcorder) will take about 13Gb per hour of captured footage. I have little doubt you actuially have FAT32 disk drives and are hitting the file size limit.

    It is FAT32 that has the file size limit and not NTFS, which is what you really want.

    The ONLY software solution you have to this problem is s/w to reformat your drive in NTFS. Simple as that. It is a disk format limitation and no change of capture s/w will get you around the problem.

    Best answer it to add a new drive (cheap as chips lately), format it up as NTFS, copy any video projects over to that and capture your new stuff in place and get editting.

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