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Thread: Media FX timeline stuck at 4:29 seconds?

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    Default Media FX timeline stuck at 4:29 seconds?

    I've got about 5 different titles I want to add light rays to. However, when I add the Light Rays mediaFX the timeline seems to max out at 4:29 on every title. Some of my titles are 10+ seconds long.

    I want one continuous light ray. I don't want it to loop after 4:29.

    Can anyone tell me how to add more time on the timeline?

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    My guess (for what it's worth)
    You're in NTSC land, yes?
    Hence 4.29 is 4 seconds and 29 frames.
    Or 5 seconds.
    Which is the default length for text media.

    You have added a text media, default length 5 seconds, then stretched it to make it 10 seconds. But stretching events on the timeline doesn't make them longer, it LOOPs them

    So you actually have TWO identical 5 second text events.

    Edit your generated text (click on the icon top right of the event on the timeline)
    Change the LENGTH field near the top of the window to 10 seconds
    And your life will be just that little bit better.

    I hope.

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    Perfect! Thank you!

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