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Thread: Learn how to Repeat..if thats the word

  1. Post Learn how to Repeat..if thats the word

    What is this technique called with correct editing term? (ignore the sound)

    "Repeat" is the only word i know, but it dont generate mutch search results
    i wanna learn how to do this in Vegas 7 nethertheless,

    I allso wanna sett some decired location points where the clip shall play backwards
    could it be arranged?
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    No trick - all it is is copy and pastes of small chunks, repeated.

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    Adding 1 sec chunks after eatchother in microscopic precision is kind of hard, beacuse the graphical lenght on small chunck's is so short, is there some zoom in device perhaps? like Movie Maker, would help..and some training i guess

    Its often hard to use the brain self ..but making it look like its playing backwards then, can you do that with cutted chuncks allso, the equation is messing up my mind right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kloppstock View Post
    and some training i guess
    And there's plenty for free. Download the manual. Use the online help. They are both VERY useful.
    Get Vegas Editing Workshop by Douglas Spotted Eagle, if like me you like printed, copy.

    And your tip for today (seeing as you asked) is...
    To zoom in/out on the timeline,
    With the focus on the timeline (ie click on it)
    a) use the scroll wheel on your mouse
    b) use the cursor up/down keys
    c) click the little + and - keys at the bottom right of the timeline
    d) click & drag one end of the scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline

    As a bonus, if you want to reverse an event, right click it and select "reverse" from the pop up menu.

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