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Thread: Realtime video editing with realtime web 'broadcasting' (?)

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    Default Realtime video editing with realtime web 'broadcasting' (?)

    While being a computer 'expert', I don't know a whole heck of a lot about video editing and/or broadcasting. While I've built a few Matrox RT.X2 systems for clients, it's not my field.

    That being said, I have a potential client that's come to me for some guidance and wants to do a web broadcast of a 'show' of sorts... he wants to take calls, do a live Q&A with callers and broadcast this 'realtime' on a web site.

    Unfortunately I have no idea of the logistics involved and was hoping some experts here could steer me in the right direction.

    a) What kind of hardware could I use to do this? As I said, I've sold a few Matrox RT.X2 systems but I don't know that they have a realtime export ability with Adobe Premiere CS3. Does Matrox's Axio line support this?

    b) I don't even know how I'd find the web site streaming support for such a thing, to communicate with the necessary hardware. Can anyone provide any guidance?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Take a look at, they stream video and audio over the web.

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    What type of editing are you actually looking to do? Is it just basic graphics/ over the shoulders/ titles? Are you looking to cut between multiple cameras?

    What type of budget are you looking at? What type of cameras are being used? SD or HD? For webstreams I wouldnt go to crazy.

    You should definitly check out Black Magics intensity card.
    Blackmagic Design: Intensity Software
    The Pro is capable of NTSC, PAL, as well as HD. The regular card can only do hdmi. Get a second card and your computer than becomes a switcher, so you can use multiple video feeds. I have not used this setup, however im hoping on buying a couple cards sometime next year. It does say on the website that they are capable of keying graphics too. This might be your best solution.

    Oh did I mention it comes with its own streaming software as well?

    Hope this helps.

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