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Thread: UFO, Massive sighting

  1. Talking UFO, Massive sighting

    I made this with a sony digital still camera in "movie" mode and Blender.
    In fact the camera gave me a desired look (crappy, cell phone), but I didn't
    like the fact that it doesn't record motion blur, and every two frames were repeated twice.

    I hope to make better stuff when I get a good video camera.

    My 3d-Reels on vimeo , and

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    I thought that was actually pretty good!... Have to dig out my UFO footage sometime

    Did you matchmove that by hand or use a matchmove program?

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    I forgot to mention that, I used Voodoo camera tracker for the matchmoving job.

    Thanks for watching.
    My 3d-Reels on vimeo , and

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    Hehe, made me smile

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    very cool. nice work

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    Haha that was good!
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