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Thread: Conversion closes midway - response insufficient memory

  1. Default Conversion closes midway - response insufficient memory

    When I create disc, It informs me the conversion will take some time - fine, that's normal.
    It only reaches 16% each time then informs me there is insufficient memory. This is NOT possible. 3 attempts and it reaches the same stage, 16%.
    It has issued a dump report but I cannot understand it.

    Anyone have any ideas why this is occuring and ways that I may try and fix it?

    Cheers in advance !

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    'Insufficient memory" isn't just about ram, but also the size of the system swap file. If the OS uses all of the space available in the swap file (on disk) the system will honk about out of memory also.

    Just a guess.
    ~Applied Metaphysician~

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    I burned a larger file the day before. The size of the space required on disc is 1.59GB

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