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Thread: Using DV camcorder as analogue to digital converter

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    Default Using DV camcorder as analogue to digital converter

    Hi, this is my first post so please be kind. I am trying to transfer VHS to PC using a Sony DCR HC96 as an An./Dig. converter (it has the necessary features to do so). I have set the camera menu up correctly but still the signal does not get through to the PC. As a control, I used a DV recording to check the camera to PC connection, it was fine, so the problem seems to be between the VCR and the camcorder.
    Equipment as follows:
    Panasonic NV-FJ710 VCR.
    Output to Sony DCR-HC96 camcorder via Sony lead to camcorder AV input.
    Firewire lead (4 to 6 pin) from camcorder to PC.
    Ulead VideoStudio 10 plus software on Windows XP Home OS to preview and record output.
    Everything PAL (I'm in UK).
    Has anyone familiar with this gear got any hints to get me through this?
    Best Wishes, Stangame

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    well u said u checked the cam/pc connection, did u check the player/cam connection?
    plug ur player to ur cam n forget the pc... make sure it works...
    i've done vhs transfer before, using a sony player, a panasonic cam and premiere pro as a software... it worked just fine...
    if all ur connections are okay, n all ur settings (cam settings) r okay, press play on the vhs player and wait a couple of minutes and the signal should appear on ur computer...
    if not, try a different software (maybe videostudio doesn't capture if there isn't a tape in the cam)...
    if everything doesn't work:
    - get a minidv tape
    - connect the vhs player to the cam n record the vhs u want
    - capture the minidv tape
    it's time consuming but it's a last hope if u dont want to buy some kind of new equipment...
    good luck...
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    Default reply to Sami

    Many thanks Sami for your response. I had the wrong scart adaptor so I bought a scart to phono adaptor connected for outputing and now I get a clear signal to PC. No need for tapes to be installed, Ulead VideoStudio picks up very quickly. Now all I have to do is get a best quality transfer... !

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