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Thread: K-Drive & Ginman 'Manual Music' Video & Remix Contest

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    Default K-Drive & Ginman 'Manual Music' Video & Remix Contest

    K-Drive & Ginman 'Manual Music' Video & Remix Contest

    Create a music video or remix some tunes.
    --> Win a release on the Rotterdam based label Manual Music.
    --> Win some really nice scene promotion for your music video.

    Artists: K-Drive & Ginman (Rotterdam & Tilburg, Netherlands)
    Label: Manual Music (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    Distributor: Kompakt (Cologne, Germany)
    Contest lasts until the end of October.

    Link for all the details: FOEM, Eclectic Youth, Electronic Youth, Crema, Netlabel, Promotion Agency, Independent A&R Agency, Talent Resource, Licensing Agency, Label

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    Contest? No.
    Cheap promo stunt with rubbish prize - yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    Contest? No.
    Cheap promo stunt with rubbish prize - yes.
    hello marc,

    sorry that itīs not about big international corporations and we dont have such big prizes as coke or mercedes when they run a contest. still we got real nice promotional things which are offered to the winners. the music video goes to several 100000s of recipients via newsletter, also the myspace pages have many 10thousands of people visiting them.

    we cant pay you a ten thousand dollars or pounds nor give you a car or a round-the-world-trip, still it wouold be nice if you would not judge this as a cheap thing and try to destroy the contest in such a negative way.

    i dont know how to make you happy now, maybe you could not just try to kill the idea but also offer some ideas how to improve it.

    the contest is non commercial, and made by people who really love to do what they are doing. we dont do it for money.

    its always sad to see such negative opinions, by people like you who only want to destroy everything others build up. im always curious why you do it! is there any reason, did we do any harm to you personally?

    anyway, i think alot of people are already having alot of fun with the contest, and thatīs what it is about.

    all the best


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